Claims and Automobile Insurance in California

Think about your automobile insurance in California as an investment to protect your investment. Your car is a commodity that is susceptible to all kinds of risks, and with nearly 6 million car accidents occurring on the road on a daily basis, you should definitely prepare for the worst. Auto insurance will help you pay for any costly expenses associated with the damages caused by car accidents and non-collision incidents so you won’t have to shell out too much out of your own hard earned cash.

Now that you have your auto insurance however, how exactly do you use it? Not everyone has been in a car accident before so it might not seem all too apparent how to begin the process of making a claim. If you ever find yourself in the need to make a claim on your automobile insurance in California from, follow these simple steps.

How to Make a Claim on Your Automobile Insurance in California

  1. Jot Down Details – The first thing you should do in the case of a car accident is to write down the information of all the people involved in the accident. Get their names, their addresses, their contact information, and any other details you might think would prove helpful in the process of making a claim. This will make it possible for your insurance provider to contact any of the involved people when they attempt to verify your claim.
  2. Describe the Scene – Along with the details of the people involved, write down a detailed account of the scene and what both cars look like. Describe the other individual’s car and what the damage looks like. You can also opt to write down details on the environment, such as road conditions and weather conditions.
  3. Call in the Police – Whether you think the accident was minor or not, you should definitely call in the police. Filing a report with them will make it easier for you to verify your claim and will make the process of getting assistance from your insurance provider that much easier.
  4. Look for Witnesses – Was there anyone on the scene that could have helped you with your case? Was there anyone who saw who was at fault? Make sure that you get this person’s details as well and ask them if they would be willing to make a statement regarding the situation.
  5. Contact Your Insurance Company – Now that you have all the details you need, you can contact your insurance company and have them verify the information you’ve gathered. Do not put your vehicle through any form of repair or maintenance and do not dispose of it until your insurance agency has seen the damage.

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